Tamil Malar office bearers are professional spin masters – Datuk M Saravanan

Kuala Lumpur– Tamil Malar, a local Tamil daily has been publishing libellous articles continuously for the past few days discrediting the image and reputation of MIC Wilayah Persekutuan and Datuk M. Saravanan, the State Liaison Chief.

The daily accused Saravanan of siphoning off rental collections from properties owned by MIC Wilayah.

“All rental collections had been accounted and audited for. The accounts statement has been made public during our AGM last evening,” said Datuk Saravanan when contacted by MALAYSIA TODAY

“They have been making false allegations just to discredit my reputation and wreck chaos in MIC Wilayah in particular,” the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister stressed.

Since there has been series of libellous articles by Tamil Malar, a few MIC Wilayah Youth members went to Tamil Malar’s office to seek clarification.

“On their way there, they were stopped by Tamil Malar’s proprietor, Oms Thiagarajan and Sarasvathy, the daily’s General Manager, and exchange of words took place. The duo then made statements simply to provoke the Youth members and minor scuffles ensued,” Saravanan continued.

“I was at the MIC Wilayah office attending to some issues and was notified of this incident. I immediately rushed to the scene as it just metres away from my office to diffuse the situation.”

“I coaxed the Youth members to cool down and return to office, to which they obliged. The claim on broken teeth and office furnitures by Tamil Malar are mere exaggerations and absurd,” he clarified.

Saravanan said that he had advised his men to lodge police report and let the police investigate this matter.

“It’s disheartening to note that a minor issue has been blown out of proportion simply to categorically discredit me and MIC in general,” he stressed.

Saravanan said that he will also consult his legal advisor and seek advice on the next cause of action.


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