19 August 2018

‘Bhaagamathie’ is not at all like ‘Baahubali’, says Anushka Shetty

‘Bhaagamathie’ is not at all like ‘Baahubali’, says Anushka Shetty
Anushka Shetty gets ready with Bhaagamathie, a bilingual thriller ‘that’s not at all like Baahubali’

In Bhaagamathie, releasing this Friday, actor Anushka plays an IAS officer named Chanchala, a contemporary character and a departure from the heavy lifting she did in the two Baahubali movies. She calls this film a relief because, ‘the role is not very complex, but it still gave me a lot of scope to perform’.

A film that was supposed to begin in 2012, Bhaagamathie finally went on the floors in 2016. “That’s the only thing that’s common between Bhaagamathie and Baahubali. Both took more than five years to complete,” says Anushka, in a press interaction in Chennai.

She takes the blame for the film’s delay, stating that a line-up of films, which included the Baahubali series, Rajinikanth’s Lingaa, Inji Iduppazhagi and Rudhramadevi, had kept her away from working on it. Its director, G Ashok, says he couldn’t have imagined the film with any other actor and chose to wait for the actress. It is Anushka’s first release of the year, and she says that she’s signed only one film, and that too with Gautham Menon, with the shoot unlikely to begin in the first half of the year. ‘Bhaagamathie’ is not at all like ‘Baahubali’, says Anushka Shetty

She sees this period after the release of Baahubali and Bhaagamathie as a period of relaxation, where she could spend time with family. “It’s a time for healing. I was injured several times during the course of these films, and it’s time I tend to them now.” But when asked if she would do another film if approached by SS Rajamouli, she quickly corrects herself and says, “I hope he does. I would do it any time.”

Anushka is one of the few female stars to command a market in all four South Indian industries, with her film having a wide release. But she feels one’s pay cheque is something that’s earned and not debated. “I feel you have to earn the big salary by yourself. Male actors too have a lot of risk, and at times, the entire film banks on them. They also constantly put themselves at a risk by doing major action sequences. If you ask me, I feel they deserve it,” she says, adding that it’s time we stop differentiating films as being male-oriented or female-oriented.

Given her journey in the film business, Anushka says she’s glad she has risen to a point where scripts are being written exclusively for her. “It’s a blessing. When I worked on my first film, Super, I didn’t even know I was supposed to ask for the story. It was the film’s director, Puri Jagannadh, who told me to ask for scripts before signing them.”

Given the number of historicals the actor has worked in, one wonders if the actress herself is drawn to films of that genre. “Personally, I prefer to work in dramas, comedies and romances. The kind of films I watch too are fantasies and dramas... films that are cute. But I’m always drawing a sword and killing people in films.”


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