24 September 2018

“National issues affecting the ruling government also a factor that would influence the electo

“National issues affecting the ruling government also a factor that would influence the electo

MELAKA: Melaka’s sole PKR’s parliamentary incumbent Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin is not taking lightly the impact on the redelineation exercise of his former Bukit Katil constituency, confessing that it’s going to be a neck-and-neck battle to maintain the seat.  Shamsul said 25,000 voters have been removed from his former parliamentary seat that is now known as Hang Tuah Jaya while five voting stations that rendered overwhelming support in the 2013 GE have
been moved to Kota Melaka parliament, a DAP stronghold. The redelineation by Election Commission (EC), he said has placed him in a precarious position if he chosen to re-contest by his party leadership.  “It’s a totally new constituency for me and hardly could recognise my own seat with the redelineation that certainly meant for me to be defeated,” he said when interviewed, yesterday.  However, Shamsul, who is also PKR’s vice-president, is unfazed as he claims of receiving staunch support from the grassroots, especially from the hinterland areas of the constituency. “Voters were unconvinced by short term approach like dishing out goody bags during election period and want to see implementation of programmes that are beneficial to them in a long run. “National issues affecting the ruling government also a factor that would influence the electorates when voting,” he said.  Shamsul said PKR would work doubly hard to maintain the parliamentary seat even the chances of winning is now seemingly slim.  He said voters appreciate his move to provide free drinking water through vending machines that are placed in four locations.  Shamsul despite minimal resources, his team has been going around helping the needy electorates for the past five years.  “Voters understand our predicament of not having sufficient funds to extent our assistance to every area within the constituency but we could emulate Selangor if we are given a chance post GE14,” he said.  In 2013, Shamsul made a surprise victory when he defeated former Melaka Chief Minister Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rustam  Mohd Ali received 40,720 votes and lost to Shamsul Iskandar, who gained 46,167, by a majority of 5,447 votes.  With the recent redelineation of the electoral boundaries, Hang Tuah Jaya has a reduced from 109,296 voters to 80,834. The redelineation also sees four state seats, Pengkalan Batu, Ayer Keroh, Bukit Katil ( formerly Bukit Baru) and Ayer Molex to be under the constituency.ends



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