17 August 2018

'Stop selling this stupid whitening product' says actress Nabila Huda

'Stop selling this stupid whitening product' says actress Nabila Huda
KUALA LUMPUR: In a world where attaining fair skin is a beauty obsession for many, actress Nabila Huda wants women to be proud of their natural colour of their skin.

She voiced her opinion about this when she responded to an Instagram (IG) user who recently promoted a skin whitening supplement on the artiste’s IG account.

The online seller wrote: “Kulit cerah sekata dalam masa 3 hingga 14 hari dengan amalkan supplement #BBPlusCollagen! Sesuai untuk wanita, lelaki & juga ibu mengandung” (Visibly fair skin within 3-14 days if you consume the BBPlusCollagen supplement! Suitable for women, men and expecting mothers)

Nabila who showed her disagreement with the product the seller was promoting responded with: “Why do I need to be fair if I love to tan? I love my skin so much!

“Stop selling this stupid whitening products girl, it’s not good for your skin in the future. Don’t consume whitening products.

“Don’t tell me we have to depend on whitening products until we’re old to maintain fair skin? Be proud of your skin!

“Girls, we are born with the most beautiful skin colour. Wherever you travel to, everyone falls in love with the shade of our skin,” said Nabila Huda.


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