19 August 2018

Cancer-stricken singer Elyana dresses down fan for questioning her lack of ‘tudung’

Cancer-stricken singer Elyana dresses down fan for questioning her lack of ‘tudung’
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2: Local singer Elyana has taken to task a fan who commented on her not wearing a “tudung”, or headscarf, suggesting she could “spit on the face” of those who are rude.

The fan had complained that Elyana did not cover her hair, regarded by many as part of “aurat” or intimate parts for Muslim women, although the singer is suffering from Stage Four cancer.

“Some days I can be patient. You can walk all over me and I will remain patient. But there are days when I lose my patience.

“Yes, I suffer from cancer but it doesn’t mean I cannot spit on the face of rude people,” she reportedly said on her Instagram account’s Stories, as reported by Malay portal mStar.

Instagram Stories posts last for only a day, and Elyana’s post has since automatically been deleted.

In a previous post on the same photo-sharing social media, Elyana had shot a video of herself dressed in an Indian outfit, belting out a few verses in an Indian song to commemorate the Thaipusam holiday this week.

In that post, user @afiqnazari commented, mocking Elyana as someone who is “maksum”, or free from committing sin, since she allegedly abandoned a religious command by not covering her hair.

“It’s okay, if you get to Heaven please send my regards to all Heaven-dwellers, don’t forget,” he said in Malay.

Several of Elyana’s over 500,000 followers on Instagram had then rallied to her side and lambasted the user.

In contemporary Muslim teachings, Muslim women cannot show their “aurat” towards unrelated men, but Muslim scholars are still not in consensus over what constitutes as “aurat”.


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