19 August 2018

EC says it 'won't need long' to announce polling date

EC says it 'won't need long' to announce polling date
KUALA LUMPUR: The Election Commission (EC) has indicated that it would need only a minimal amount of time to put the 14th General Election (GE14) into high gear.

This has in turn fuelled intense speculation that there is a possibility that polling day would be held on a public holiday, either on May 1 (Tuesday), Saturday, April 28; or Saturday, May 5.

EC chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Abdullah, declined to speculate on the date but said it needed to take various factors into consideration before setting a suitable polling date to enable voters to come out and cast their votes.

“We will take into account all dates such as school holidays, festivities, Hari Raya and some days deemed sensitive to the public.

“Based on our previous experience, we (EC) have held elections on weekends, weekdays and even during Ramadan.

“As such, taking all these into account, there is no ‘special day’ for the EC to choose for polling day,” he said. 

Mohd Hashim was commenting on fevered speculation regarding polling day.

He acknowledged that there have been many predictions made over the date. Some, for example, believe that the EC would hold it in August given that Parliament would dissolve automatically then.

He said based on the country’s electoral system, once Parliament is dissolved, it becomes the duty of the EC to organise a general election.

“The EC has been given 60 days to organise a general election. We will be holding a special meeting to fix the date.

“The first is the issuance of the writ. Second will be nomination day, early voting and subsequently, polling day.


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