25 September 2018

Kayveas says ‘big no’ to BN’s Segambut offer

Kayveas says ‘big no’ to BN’s Segambut offer


MyPPP President Tan Sri M. Kayveas, who stood firm to contest in Cameron Highlands, has turned down Barisan Nasional’s (BN) offer to contest in the Segambut parliamentary seat in the 14th General Election (GE14).

“To all my fan club, for those who are anxiously and eagerly waiting with unwavering hope for an answer, sadly and shockingly I have been asked to consider moving to Segambut and my answer is a BIG NO!!

“BN should have offered that (Segambut seat) 4 years ago and I would have with your unwavering support and believe in me worked there with just as much the efforts put in Cameron Highlands.

“…and I know you will immediately echo the same thoughts and feelings with this sudden change of plan. It is clearly contrary to what was preached 4 years ago and all along our journey in Cameron Highlands, i. e. that is, – seats will only be given to winnable and likeable candidates who have tirelessly worked for it and who the people prefer, that it has to be clear cut, peoples’ choice.

“..and it is true, you the people in Cameron Highlands have time and time again beaten some quarter’s claims of traditional seat,” he wrote on Instagram today.


Kayveas said that he will continue to be stationed in Cameron Highlands and serve the people there.

“Let me assure you as I have always served tirelessly with or without a seat, I will continue to be with you all through the way, with or without a seat. That is my assurance.

“As all these 4 years without even any seat I have been serving the people;

“As I have always served tirelessly with or without a seat;

“..and so I will continue that service in Cameron Highlands with or without a seat. That’s my assurance because politics is only a platform and I can still be useful to our beloved nation and its people without politics.

“Cheer up folks, the battle is never lost unless you give up.

“Let truth be told: We are still the winner as we used our machinery, our money, and we can continue that way,” he said.

Previously, Kayveas, who is also the Transport Ministry’s advisor, had said he had asked the ‘blessing’ of Najib before serving the people in Cameron Highlands to ensure the victory of BN.

MIC President Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam had consistently insisted the party would contest for the Cameron Highlands Parliamentary seat in the GE14.


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