19 August 2018

Malaysians can now renew US visas by mail

Malaysians can now renew US visas by mail
KUALA LUMPUR - The United States Embassy now allows visa renewal by mail for Malaysians.

Previously, those needing a US visa had to fill up an online application and make an appointment for interviews at the embassy here.

Now, holders of visas that are still valid or have expired within the last 12 months can renew theirs by mail, without having to attend an interview.

Regular travellers to the United States will also be considered under the Visa Renewal by Mail scheme.

US Ambassador Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir said her Government wanted to make the visa process more “customer-oriented” for Malaysians.

“There is a perception here that it is impossible or very hard to get a US visa. People are worried about the processes and procedures, and coming for the interview.

“The truth is, if you are a Malaysian who applied for a tourist or short-term business visa, you are 95% sure of getting it.


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