17 August 2018

Najib lambasts Shafie for backstabbing him

Najib lambasts Shafie for backstabbing him
SEMPORNA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak expressed regret and pain over being ‘backstabbed’ by former Umno leader Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal upon the latter’s exit from the party.

In hitting out at Shafie, Najib said if it was not for him, Shafie’s political career would not have risen until he became one of Umno’s vice-presidents.

“I have done more for Shafie than what I did for (Sabah chief minister) Tan Sri Musa Aman. Musa is already a chief minister when I became the prime minister.

“I helped Shafie to be the Umno vice-president, from Sabah, which was never done before. It was an extraordinary opportunity bestowed upon him.

“If I did not campaign for him, he would not have made it,” Najib told more than 14,000 Semporna locals and Barisan Nasional supporters at the launching of the Semporna Tourism Hub.

Also present were his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Musa and his wife Puan Sri Faridah Tussin, and Umno Semporna acting chief Datuk Seri Nasir Sakaran.

Najib said additionally, he did not appoint Shafie as a minister in charge of welfare, but rural development as the prime minister believed that the portfolio would help spur Sabah’s progress.

Najib said however, Shafie chose not to do his work diligently and refused to cooperate with others.

“I have advised Shafie, over and over again, for him to work with Musa. But he (Shafie) did not listen.”

Saying that Shafie used to be his good friend, Najib added that when the now-Warisan president chose to backstab him after leaving Umno, the words uttered “cut deep”.

Shafie is also the Semporna member of Parliament.

“I am very, very disappointed in him when he chose to backstab me. The pain inflicted hurts so much.

“I still can take it if you do not like me. I did not ask you to be loyal to me as a person. But be loyal to party leadership, as well as the government.

“I cannot say any more about Shafie. It hurts me more whenever I talk about it.”

Najib then said the concept or wala’ or loyalty in Islam should be always be upheld.

“It is wajib for us (Muslims) to uphold our wala’ to leadership. Not to the individuals, but to their positions as ‘ulil amri’ or leaders."

Shafie left Umno after he was suspended from his post following attacks made against the party leadership.

Regardless, Najib remained confident that BN would emerge triumphant in Semporna.

“I am grateful that the people of Semporna have remained loyal to BN, despite challenges in the past. You (people of Semporna) did not do anything wrong. God-willing Semporna will return to BN in the upcoming polls.

“(If you ask me) I am strong because of the support extended by more than three million Umno members (nationwide).”

Later, Najib announced the expansion of the road entering Semporna town from two lanes to four lanes.

He also said the bridge connecting Bum Bum Island and Semporna town will be built.

Najib also presented 10 native land titles to recipients at the event.


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