17 August 2018

Nithyananda group threatening public with Blackmagic spells

Nithyananda group threatening public with Blackmagic spells

India - It was a controversy that spoke about Andal by Vairamuthu on the January 7 event at Rajapalayam. In this Issue, Hindu organizations and BJP were involved in a series of protests throughout Tamil Nadu.In many places, the model of poet Vairamuthu were burnt. Complaints were also given against him at the police stations. Vairamuthu received many death threats as well.

Famous Social Activist Piyush manush accused the Nithyananda ashram of trying to defuse peace among the Muslim and Christian people. So that Manush has urged him to take serious action against the Ashram. Also Manush raised one more complaint as Nithyananda troop brainwashing children and teaching them offensive words which is not seen in any kind of ashram so far. The Dravida Kazhagam had burnt down the model Nithyananda statue in Madurai demanding action against the Nithyananda disciples who spoke against the Caste wise discriminated people.

It all started when a 16 year teenage girl named Ma Nithyananditha (original name: Nithya Janardhan) posed a live facebook video along with her other female devotees abusing Vairamuthu and family with unparlimentary words that cannot be written in books. Public were left shocked on seeing such a words coming from the mouth from girls in devotional attire.

There were many condemn and troll videos circulated went viral in social media as aftermath of this video. Now Nithyananda group released a video where they are threatening that these devotees have earned power to spell a black magic on all the people who abused them and their leader Nithyananda.


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