19 December 2018

Police deny woman's claim, three teenagers arrested

Police deny woman's claim, three teenagers arrested
KUALA LUMPUR: Police have refuted the allegations made by a woman who claimed she was denied entry into Alam Damai police station in Cheras when she tried to seek protection.

City police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said the woman was allowed to enter the police station after the sentry policemen asked her what was going on.

“It is standard operating procedure (SOP) for policemen on duty to ask the purpose of one coming to the police station...this is for safety reasons before one is allowed to enter the police station compound.

“This is because there are various of external threats, such as the Islamic State (IS). They will use all types of tactics including pretending they are in emergency (to enter the police station).

“Our policemen are just doing their jobs...claims that she was not allowed to enter the police station is not true,” he said at a press conference at Alam Damai police station on Tuesday night.

Mazlan, however, said investigations were ongoing and all parties involved in the case would be called up to have their statements recorded.

He was commenting on a viral six-minute and twenty-eight second video of a woman claiming that police had turned a blind eye when she sought help after realising she was followed by a group of men in a BMW car.

The victim lodged a police report on the incident at 3pm yesterday and police had since detained three teenage boys, all 18, to facilitate investigations.

“The trio was picked from Alam Damai area, and they were being investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation.

“We will also conduct an internal investigation and if the policemen involved are found to have violated the SOP, action would be taken,” he said.

In the 11pm incident, the 41-year-old woman was driving at Persiaran Alam Damai with her 13-year-old son when a BMW, with three teenage boys in, honked and shouted at her.

It is said that the woman had veered into the BMW’s lane before the drama unfolded.

The woman who was worried about her safety then called 999 before driving to Alam Damai police station.

When she approached the police station, the victim said she honked repeatedly for few minutes to get the attention of the policemen on duty.

However, she claimed she was not allowed to enter the police station compound.

Shortly after, the BMW also stopped near the police station which prompted the policemen to check on them.

The teenagers in the BMW then explained that the woman nearly hit their car hence they had trailed her.

Policemen then asked them to leave and told them that their action had violated the law.

The woman, who was dissatisfied with the incident, uploaded two videos on her Facebook account, detailing her encounter.


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