19 December 2018

The hidden and hide agenda behind Tanjong Langsat ritual land

The hidden and hide agenda behind Tanjong Langsat ritual land
Media statement by Johor State Senai Utama DAP Branch Chairman  Mr.Sandra Segaran

I was getting shocked on the statement issued by Johor MIC exco and also Kahang state assemblyman Mr.Vidayanathan on 28 Feb18 at his office in Iskandar Puteri regarding funeral ritual land matter.

He told the press that,johor state government agreed to provide1.1 acre land to Indian community for releasing the ashes of the deceased into the sea at Tanjong Langsat and he believed within another 8 months the place can be use for local indian community for the creamation activity without any distributions by MBPG or other party.

Vidyanathan also  thanked to MB Kahlid Nordin for 10 million allocation to the project,and also to his concern about indian community welfare.

Yes of course its our moral duty to thank MB khalid nordin,if he really have concern about indian community needs but before that pls answer to our certain suspicious on the land matter which should completed  long time ago.

Mr.R.Vidyananthan, for your kind of information the land had been requested almost half decades  by local indians which begins during the period of late former johor MIC chairman Mr. Pasamanikam was in position.

After a long time waiting for a good news about the land, we had decided to send memorendum to Menteri Besar,due to that on the year of 2015,30 Nov a memorendum had been submitted to MB press secretary  and also to opposition leader YB Gan Peck Ching. (a copy of memo also handed to vidyanathan)

YB Gan Peck Cheng raised the issue at state assembly on  2016,April 24.Khalid Nordin in a written reply to her had said that 2 acres has been reserved at Tanjung Langsat.(Reference SUKJ.(DN).BIL:311/02/2-1/13/4/1)

Almost 2 years completed,R. Vidyananthan suddenly called media especially  tamil media and issued statement that state government agreed to locate1.1 acres land and 10 milion allocation was given to upgrade the place.It is an unacceptable statement and I dare to say that it is another lie created by them to cover up their uncapable in solving the ritual land problem.


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