19 August 2018

Xavier: Blue IC for Indians within PH's 100 days

Xavier: Blue IC for Indians within PH's 100 days
PETALING JAYA: The newly-established government taskforce will focus on addressing the issue of red identification cards (IC) among Indians.

PKR vice-president Dr Xavier Jayakumar said the issue was raised in the Pakatan Harapan (PH) presidential council meeting, adding that the Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself was giving special attention on the matter.

Dr Xavier said the IC conversion process was one of the promises made and to be implemented within the 100 days.

He said the issues was a major problem among the Indians, stating that the numbers could be as little as 30,000 or as much as 300,000 people.

“Honestly, I do not know because nobody has done a complete study on it.

“Some of us, on our own initiatives, started registering people with red ICs and investigated further on what actually transpired, why they have red ICs and checked to ensure they have supporting documents,” he said after the prime minister press conference at Yayasan Selangor today.

He said there were a lot more points in the Indian Manifesto that needs to implemented, thus it would be studied and done in stages.

On PH’s manifesto, he said party members agreed that it needed to get through the government mechanism.

He said that was the reason why Dr Mahathir chaired the taskforce to oversee the welfare of the Indian community, women, youth and Orang Asli.

“He will then expand it to the other ministers and ministries for implemention,” he said.

Dr Mahathir had announced that a taskforce would be established to look into the problems faced by minority communities in Malaysia.

The coalition’s manifesto, themed “Building a nation that fulfilled the hopes of the people”, outlines five core thrusts encompassing 69 pledges.


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