19 December 2018

Zairil and Dyana to wed by year-end

Zairil and Dyana to wed by year-end
IPOH: It has been over a year after two video clips went viral, showing a man resembling Zairil Khir Johari dancing with a woman in a nightclub.

At that time, he evaded questions before coming out strongly to deny it was him, saying the clips were “fake” and deriding the act as “gutter politics”.

But this time around when talk was rife that he is getting engaged, the Bukit Bendera MP was quick to confirm the news.

His fiancée, said to resemble the woman in the clip, is Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.

Hordes of reporters and photographers had camped outside the venue but were barred from the private event.

Later, a cheerful-looking DAP national assistant publicity secretary came out to meet pressmen.

“Alhamdulillah (Praise God). The engagement ceremony is done.

“I just want to say that both our families and I are very happy. This is a private moment for our families and we appreciate the respect to have this completed in privacy.

“I thank everyone for coming. It’s unfortunate that it is not a public event, if not I would have treated you all to some food.

“But we only have limited food to offer our guests. Sorry about that,” said Zairil, resplendent in a baju Melayu with songkok and kain samping.

Dyana Sofya was equally stunning in a matching dress. She is a DAP Socialist Youth na­­tional executive committee member.

Earlier in the day, Zairil confirmed his engagement via his official Facebook page, saying that he was deeply honoured to have his family and closest friends with him in Ipoh to celebrate his engagement.

He said it was the most special occasion and he was glad to have the support of those dearest to him.

Dyana Sofya also posted on Instagram yesterday a picture of a woman, believed to be Zairil’s mother, putting a ring on her finger with her mother Yammy Samad looking on.

The photo is believed to have been taken during the engagement ceremony. The post under the caption “We said yes! #zairilxdyana” received more than 1,000 likes shortly after it was posted.

Netizens showered the couple with many happy wishes.

Since Friday, talk had been rife that the two were getting engaged.

Early last year, Zairil and Dyana Sofya were in the limelight when two videos, resembling them, were circulated on social media.


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